The Approval That Trumps All Others (Testimony Time!!)

Happy Easter in arrears family! What a wonderful thing to know that because Christ lives, our lives are now worth a wonderful living. Indeed, He came to so that we might have life in abundance (John chapter 10 verse 10).

I hoped to share this testimony with you last week but I had to travel mid-week so that kinda put a LOT of pressure on my time but thank God, I will be sharing it this week ūüėÄ

As most of you might know, especially readers who have been following my ¬†journey since my 2014 days, I do occasionally¬†complain about my job ¬†and how¬†I’ve been trying to move departments at work for the longest time, since August 2015 at least (I wrote about that [btn text=”here” tcolor=#0000FF bcolor=#F2F2F2 thovercolor=#FFF link=”” target=”_blank”]).

You know it’s funny how we forget things God has already expressed to us whether through dreams or inspired thoughts or through others etc. We often dismiss them as nothing but in retrospect, we see that they held hope for us. I remember some time last year when I was really pursuing the department move, one morning I had a dream and in summary, the dream showed me running and running and running up several¬†flights of stairs being blocked by “Corporates” i.e. people dressed in corporate wear at the different levels I tried to settle on. On each floor where I tried to settle on, I would get a mob of people chasing me and this went on and on until I got to the top most floor where I settled and there was just a peace. I woke up drenched in sweat from all that running but I remember interpreting that dream to mean that I was going to have to chase what I wanted but I wasn’t going to be able to settle on whatever wasn’t really for me – at the time, I was basically applying to different departments while hoping any of them would take me. In simple terms, God was guaranteeing my desire for this move¬†but it was clear that it certainly wasn’t going to be found in the first few opportunities I was angling for.

I forgot about that dream until when I started typing this post to share my testimony with you.

After so many failed attempts to move departments, I resigned myself to the fact that maybe God was saying “It’s not yet time darling. Just wait.” God really used to the story of Joseph to inspire me at the time, ¬†showing how Joseph (Genesis chapters 37 to 50) didn’t focus on the “exit” but more on his journey and all that was beneficial from his experience. It was if God wanted me to slow down and embrace the phase I was in rather than frantically and desperately trying to find a way to leave my current department.

Fast forward to January 2016, I decided to inquire about any available roles in a different department than any of the others I had previously considered. It was a CSR sort of role and because of the extra curricular activities I’m already involved with outside of work, I thought I’d be a perfect fit. My interviewer thought so too! But that wasn’t really the hurdle.

Because it’s essentially a secondment I was applying for as opposed to a permanent department move, it meant that my current department leaders had to approve this given that they were still responsible for my salary costs even while I’m on secondment. The whole decision process commenced in January 2016 and a further¬†long wait ensued from the beginning of February till two¬†Wednesdays ago (2nd week of March), as the relevant person in charge was still considering whether to let me have this opportunity or not.

Trust me when I say I had all the odds stacked against me: I haven’t exam qualified (I do the ACA) so per Company policy I really shouldn’t be going on secondments; I had just narrowly escaped being put on a Performance Improvement Plan because I got really bad feedback from a manager and; it was no secret that I absolutely was fed up and demotivated in my current¬†role. All these factors were enough reason for them not to let me have this secondment. But let me tell you a thing or two about being a child of God: if God says it’s mine, it doesn’t matter who else’s standard/policy/yardstick says it isn’t. I am as qualified as God decides I am for whatever¬†spot needs to be filled, in accordance for His will in my life.

I promise you guys, I didn’t pray lots about this. I simply said, “God let your will be done”. I prayed that way because I was somewhat¬†cushioning myself against potential¬†disappointment in case the response from my department leaders was unfavourable. In fact, I focused on throwing myself into liking my job and actually for a short while was really enjoying my job. The approval was taking so long that I already began to close my mind from it all the while sending weekly chasers about whether it was going to be a “yay” or “nay”.

Long and short of the story is that I got granted the secondment for a duration of 9 whole months and even turns out that I’ll be handling more responsibility in this role than I imagined. I’m literally being granted this amazing opportunity¬†by the virtue of my interest and God’s favour.

I’ve come to learn that may times, God will block prior opportunities just¬†so that we¬†can stay on track for the best one He already has coming to¬†us. We have no idea what our future holds but it will pay us well to put our trust in He who certainly knows.

NEVER underestimate your power as a child of God. That simple fact is what makes us qualified in places where man might want to disqualify us especially if it is somewhere God has already pre-destined for us to get to. I encourage to keep on trusting the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean or rely on your human understanding of how He might be working it all out for you. Just know that He will never leave you or forsake you on any of your quests but be sure to spend time listening to Him so you can know HIs will for you at at the different phases of life – to know when to keep chasing and when to let go.

I hope this encourages someone – Christ is risen and God is on the throne. Do not be dismayed!

Have a great week lovelies,





  1. TY March 30, 2016 at 12:11 am

    congrats babe

  2. teekay March 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    i key into your testimony!!! congrats girl

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