Guest Post: The Right Place, But Not Yet The Right Time.

Looking at our lives; our siblings’ lives; our friends’ lives – we find ourselves almost always, asking, ‘What does this person have that I don’t, Lord?‘, ‘What is this person doing that I am not?‘, ‘I have done x; y and; z according to Your Word and still nothing!

Good news brothers and sisters, you are not alone! We ALL go through episodes like these at different points of our lives so relax, you are pretty normal!giphy



There are two ways I look at this issue. The first is from the brief angle of the “Thou shalt not covet” commandment.


Having a covetousness mindset will cause us to reduce the scope of God’s plan for our lives as we keep judging and comparing His plan for us against the earthly examples we think we want.

A common saying goes ‘life is a marathon, not a sprint‘. A marathon is described as a long-lasting or difficult task or activity. This means that the journey of life is very long with pitstops (usually challenges) along the way when we can catch our breath. It’s usually at those pitstops that we compare and contrast our progress with that of others. But we all know that the race is not necessarily for the swift.

We need more than our own strength and abilities to move past the very many pitstops. Having the guidance of the Original Navigator is most imperative for a Christian because you know that with Him, you can and will pull through any challenges you face in life. Besides who knows where these “earthly examples” will be in the next 5 to 10 years? Only the Original Navigator knows, and He is the one ultimately leading you, if you’ll follow.

Determine to stay focused on what God is doing in your own life!



The second, and main, angle is that of timing: sometimes, “it’s just not the right time“.


Many times, we walk with God based on what the world wants us to believe is the normal way of doing things and not actually based on the way our Father in heaven desires for us.

We know that 1+1= 2 in the human world, but this is not necessarily relevant for the spiritual world where our life battles are actually fought first. We expect that because we have put in x amount of effort and y hours of prayers, it must equal z effect, and unfortunately life has shown us time and time again that things don’t always work like that.

Timing is everything. The lame-since-birth beggar (Acts chapter 3), who Peter helped up onto his feet, was put beside the Temple gate everyday so he could beg. What makes this ironic was the name of this gate: it was called the Beautiful Gate. This man spent majority of his life by the Beautiful Gate. That sentence, in isolation, sounds like he had the best time all those years, but in reality he was begging day after day by the temple just to get by in his condition. He kept seeing people come and go, people who could walk and move freely like he could not, yet he remained the same.

But one day, just one day at the right time – the appointed time – his life changed. Imagine if he had decided to change location just, for example, 2 weeks before that fateful day. His story would have been very different. He may have died a beggar and how unfortunate that would have been for him.


Being at the right place is as important as staying there until the right time – God’s time –  for your blessings and purpose to manifest. We have to continuously seek God and pray for His grace to be at the right place and at the right time! Don’t let distractions move you from where God put you. Don’t let unbelief, envy and covetousness move you from where God has placed you. Don’t leave your Beautiful Gate no matter how ugly things may seem, because in His time, He will make it the most beautiful place that there is, just for you.


Sinner, but loved by Christ,



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