18 let there be light lyrics That Highlight The Nature of God.

1. The things of earth stand next to Him/ Like a candle to the Sun. (Behold [Then Sings My Soul])

2. The Word became a Man/That my soul should know it’s Savior. (Behold [Then Sings My Soul])

3. You are the Lord Almighty, outshining all the stars in glory/ Your love is like the wildest ocean/ Oh! Nothing else compares. (Love So Great)

4. The greatest of my crowns means nothing to me now/For I counted up the cost and all my wealth is in the Cross. (Crowns)

5. You didn’t want Heaven without us/So Jesus You brought Heaven down. (What A Beautiful Name)

6. My sin was great till Love was greater/What could separate us now? (What A Beautiful Name)

7. Death could not hold You/The veil tore before You/You silenced the boast of sin and grave. (What A Beautiful Name)

8. You have no rival/You have no equal/Now and forever God You reign. (What A Beautiful Name)

9. Before the earth knew its foundation/You spoke the dust into creation. Until the end when all has withered/Then still Your Word will endure forever. (Your Word)

10. There’s no borders in Your love/No division in Your heart/God of heaven/God of freedom. (Let There Be Light)

11. There’s no taking back the cross/No regret in what it cost/God of freedom/God of heaven. (Let There Be Light)

12. No one can add to Your perfection/You’re the beginning and the end/More than I can comprehend/There is no one like You. (You Are In Control)

13. When I see that cross I see freedom/When I see that grave I’ll see Jesus. (Grace To Grace)

14. God is patient/God is kind/He does not envy/He does not boast/His ways are higher than my own/His thoughts consume the great unknown/Of this alone I am sure/My God is love. (Elohim)

15. His kingdom stands above Every power/Every living soul. (Elohim)

16. His love is like the sun Ever true/Shining over all. (Elohim)

17. Love will never lose its power/All my failures could not erase/Now I walk within Your favour/Grace unending/My salvation. (I Will Boast In Christ Alone)

18. I know You love me/I know You found me/I know You saved me/And Your grace will never fail me. (As It Is [In Heaven])


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