Eyitemi’s Coming-To-Christ Story

I love Eyitemi’s story because it has a refreshing air of that real and true new beginning in Christ when it’s rediscovered. And I relate to it because I thought I knew Christ until I learnt I didn’t. That was the start of a beautiful journey for Eyitemi. A nice Sunday evening read. Enjoy!

Hello my name is Eyitemi. I wish I could give the exact date of when I made the decision to give my life to Christ but honestly, it’s better described as a season of my life. It was my season of getting to know Christ. In hindsight I can see the trail that led me to Him; but there was never one defining moment. I guess if I had to be more specific, I’d say that I finally came to Christ during my final year at university in 2014 – so just a little over 2 years ago! I’ve grown so much, and learned so much, and changed so much over the last 2 years…its seems like ages ago.

I grew up in a Christian household. My mum definitely made sure we knew the Lord. So we were taught the Lord’s Prayer at an early age, went to church every Sunday, were made to say our prayers before bed etc. I grew up as an Anglican, and Church for me was very systematic. I don’t remember ever getting the sense that God was loving, and I never saw Him as fatherly. I knew the Lord (or I thought I did), but I didn’t really have a relationship with Him. I always saw Him as an authoritarian kind of figure who had rules I simply had to obey. And whenever I didn’t obey one of these rules, I’d feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. So that was my motivation for doing anything good to be honest, so I wouldn’t feel that guilt for being a “bad Christian”. Looking back, I know now I was very much a “works” Christian at the time. I thought that there were things I had to do to be a good Christian – almost like a checklist. And I wanted to be a good Christian. I wanted to enjoy going to Church and I wanted to enjoy reading my Bible but I just didn’t. I did those things with a sense of obligation and not out of love. I was a Christian in name only and I was leaning on the “wisdom” of men to get me through life.  It’s funny though, how Gods hand was on me even before I came to Him. Cause as a teenager I was definitely very….adventurous; and not very wise. But God’s grace has been so strong in my life that He kept me from making too many mistakes. For instance, I actually wanted to enjoy smoking and drinking. I thought smoking would make me look cool, and everyone around me drank. Thank God I never really got a liking for either of them, so eventually I just gave up. So yeah, God really saved me from myself!

I finally gave my life to Christ when I was about 19 and it was all as a result of God leading me to the perfect church. All of a sudden, I wasn’t going to church just to get rid of my guilt; I was going to church because I actually liked it. It was a church that had a Hillsong type of vibe; and between going there, and going to the actual Hillsong whenever I was in London, I learned much more about God than I ever had in all my years of being a “Christian”. It was like going back to the basics – concepts like grace, faith, salvation; which I’d heard my entire life but never really understood were now being broken down for me. God went from being boring and mean, to loving and interesting in the space of a few months. I started enjoying getting to know God. And the more I knew Him the more I loved Him and knew I didn’t want to live my life without Him.

One of the biggest revelations for me came when I heard a message where the speaker said Christianity was not a checklist of things you do that are good vs things you do that are bad. It was that message that finally introduced me to the gift of Grace – such a simple concept, yet something I had missed throughout my whole life living as a “Christian”.  It challenged everything I thought I knew about God. And honestly, it’s something I wish I could let everyone know – particularly people of my generation. Unfortunately, a lot of people who grew up in the church have become disillusioned in regards to what Christianity really is. They believe, like I once believed, that simply because they grew up in the church surrounded by “Christians” they know all that they need to know about God. And if what they saw happens to be negative, when they’re old enough to make their own decisions, they distance themselves from the Church and consequently from God. What they don’t know is that what they saw wasn’t God; it was humans being humans – just in a Godly setting.  I wish people would take time to get to know God by themselves! Read the bible and try to really unpack what it says. Give God a chance to prove you wrong and really show you who He is.

God knows me, and I believe He knew what He had to do to get my attention. I have an easier time accepting things when I understand them, and God put me in a setting where I could really learn about who He is, without the distraction of culture, doctrine or my parents’ opinions. God put me in a position where I was forced to humble myself and admit that actually, although I’ve been using the title of Christian my whole life, I really knew nothing about Christ. I remember one of my first services in that new Church, I almost had an air of arrogance about me – I felt like there was nothing I could learn from these new believers because I, unlike them, had known God my whole life. How wrong I was. God opened my eyes.

 #NoteFromSteph: We don’t share these stories just for sharing sake but we share them to show what life before and after Christ is like for many people all over. If this story or any other stories you’ve read on The COMING-TO-CHRIST Stories Project has inspired and encouraged you to give this God-life a chance, please feel free to contact us here and we’d be more than happy [and feel exceptionally honoured] to be the ones to hold your hand as you make a decision to give your life and heart to Jesus Christ in exchange for REAL LOVE, REAL PEACE and REAL JOY! If you’re still on the fence, that’s okay too! Comment or private message us with your quessies/concerns because they are all valid

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