Milca Kusonika’s Coming-To-Christ Story

Being a pastor’s child doesn’t guarantee a smooth life as a believer. The lovely Milca shares her earlier struggles with sexual purity in thought and how God restored her back to Him and set her free and set her apart for His honourable use. Read and be blessed!

img_8801My name is Milca Kusonika and I am 19 years of age.  I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the greatest African country in the heart of Africa. My parents decided to move to the UK in 2010, when I was 13 years old. I am the first born with three beautiful younger sisters.

I am currently in university studying International Relations and French at Aston University, Birmingham UK.

I decided to follow Christ and serve Him in June 2015 although I believe myself to have been saved when I was 9 years old. Life before Christ was very interesting as I am a PK (Pastor’s kid) so I was born and raised in church. I often even believe my mother conceived in church ahahhahaha! That’s how long I have been in church (since my day one on earth). However, growing up in church did not mean I was guaranteed a spot in heaven or even a disciple of Christ. I have always been serving in church, singing in the choir, interpreting the word as we are a francophone church, teaching in Sunday schools and youth meeting, leading prayer and anything that needed to be done in church. But I was very far from God. I was very deep into secular music as music is one of my greatest passions, I would be in house parties Saturday nights yet sing in church Sunday morning. I believed in Jesus as soon as I was able to understand life, that was at a very early age and as I mentioned earlier, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour at the age of 9 and I also participated in the holy supper (communion) at very early age. Some would argue I was a very moral individual. I believed in sex after marriage like every other Christian should, I never smoked nor drunk, I never committed any of the “typical sins” as many would put it, but my mind and thoughts caused me to sin everyday although in secrecy. I was the holiest among my friends and everyone knew I was a pastor’s kid so there was no hiding of my “Christianity”.

For the longest I can remember I struggled with sexual and impure thoughts, I battled with sex on my mind or let’s say I enjoyed sex in my thoughts as I could not in the physical. The devil knew that he could not destroy me with drugs, alcohol or even having sex however my mind was a battleground between my flesh and all its desires and my spirit but somehow my flesh would always win because I would let it.  Sexual thoughts and desires then led me to seek a way to satisfy it and porn was the only way for me to satisfy those desires. So at the age of 14/15 I started watching pornography every time I felt those urges and often because I was alone and would start communicating with my thoughts and would feed it. Again as a “Christian” I knew what I was doing was very wrong and often times I would actually choose not to watch porn because how would my parents feel and what would they do if they found out – this was sometimes my only excuse not to watch porn but my thoughts would still produce all sorts of impure and sexual imagery as nobody could access that place and see how filthy I was, this is what I believed.

Going to university was my door to freedom, the freedom to do whatever pleased me. I was going to be away from home and church and nobody would have known my past or my life in London, however God had a different plan. July 2015, whilst I was preparing for university, a very close family to my own came to the UK on a mission for the gospel from the United States. We got to reunite again and God allowed for me to witness the son of this family whom I shared a childhood with to minister and preach at a church convention I happened to be at. The only memories of this brother I had was of us playing and messing around as children but in July 2015 I saw a man being used by God and walking in purpose. On this day, 12th July 2015, I took the decision to serve God and live for Him and I sealed this prayer with an offering. My life has not been the same since.

God was now able to work in me because I allowed Him and had consecrated my life to Him giving Him full leadership and control over my life. It has only been a journey since, a journey which I am very grateful to have started. God has been able to reveal to me the purpose for which I live every day of my life and the different things He wants me to do for him. In terms of ministry, I believe God wants me to be his mouthpiece among young people specifically young boys and men from troubled homes or involved in the street life. God has given the gift of speaking in tongues which I cherish very much because it has taken my prayer life, my most powerful weapon to the next level. Yes, God has delivered me from sin and my slavery to my impure thoughts, however my battle has never ended in fact it has only become greater. But because I now feed my heart and mind with the word of God and the things of God, fleeing the evil desires of this youth and consciously avoiding anything which triggers impure and sexual thoughts such as TV programs, songs, images or anything not worthy of a child of God, I have been able to win this fight of my flesh over and over again and now have control over it.

Jesus is real and loves every single individual on earth and His love for humanity will NEVER change, He is willing to save ANY body and break the shackles the world ties on men.

#NoteFromSteph: We don’t share these stories just for sharing sake but we share them to show what life before and after Christ is like for many people all over. If this story or any other stories you’ve read on The COMING-TO-CHRIST Stories Project has inspired and encouraged you to give this God-life a chance, please feel free to contact us here and we’d be more than happy [and feel exceptionally honoured] to be the ones to hold your hand as you make a decision to give your life and heart to Jesus Christ in exchange for REAL LOVE, REAL PEACE and REAL JOY! If you’re still on the fence, that’s okay too! Comment or private message us with your quessies/concerns because they are all valid. 

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