Seun Awolowo’s Coming-To-Christ Story

Seun of uses one of my fave songs to tell her story so beautifully. I got to know Seun a bit more when a group of us gals attended Colour Conference earlier this year and her passion for Christ is truly undeniable and God uses her love for community and sisterhood to do great things for His glory. Read and be blessed!

I knew I had to take the opportunity Steph was offering to share my story- so thanks Steph!

Hi guys! My name is Seun Awolowo- I work in finance, live in London and have been a Christian for 5 years now!

A couple of weeks ago my church (Hillsong) released this amazing song called What a Beautiful Name it is.  We had sung it in church for ages but there is something about listening to it alone; raw and gorgeous and reflecting on the words.


The song simple, yet powerful really brought some thoughts to mind and I began to wonder, what does the name of Jesus mean to me?

The song talks about how Beautiful, Wonderful and Powerful the name of Jesus is and in many ways this chronicles my story.

The first part of the song talks about what a ‘Beautiful Name it is.’ The beauty of the name of Jesus was something that hit me like a ton of bricks a summer day in 2011. I was in university and had just returned from a girl’s trip in Ibiza. That summer I had partied with Usher, Ludacris and David Guetta. I met Idris Elba, had a chat and felt so good with myself, yet my heart was empty. I had the best summer and then came home to my regular emptiness, which I personally chose to fill with drinking and partying. Don’t get me wrong I still love both now, but rather than use them as medicine there is more measured approach in place. I returned that summer by a twist of fate to find myself in a church on Sunday. A good friend of mine who had recently become a Christian had basically invited me. What occurred that day is un-explainable! I entered a beautiful environment to be told a beautifully simple but radical truth: There is a God in heaven that loves you. The revelation of the beauty of Jesus had been sown in my heart and I held on to it with an intensity that made me so incredibly happy. The beauty of pure love undeserved that was made available to me through hopeful acceptance was overwhelming. As the song says: ‘You didn’t want heaven without us, so Jesus you brought heaven down.’ How selfless, how beautiful, how amazing!

This leads very beautifully into the wonder season. The second part of the song talks about what a wonderful name it is. I began my faith journey and as I grew in it, I started to see the wonder of Jesus manifest in my daily life.  I really fell in love with worship as an early believer. The word wonderful means: ‘inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous’. These are all adjectives for what that next season felt like. I really felt wooed by God as He just bestowed so much love and favor over me. I would pray for things and they would happen. Somehow, someway even though my family faced financial challenges, we moved into a 3 bedroom flat which was identical to what I had asked God for so desperately at the beginning of the year. What was happening was I was actually growing my faith. I filled my time with conferences and was totally immersed in my new love affair with Jesus. In that time, I also moved to Paris. I found Hillsong church there and my life really flourished. I was in a new place; new language, new people and most of my friends around me were believers too. That sense of community was really wonderful and I got baptized there as well!

The next season really was one of seeing the Power of the name of Jesus. Paris was over, and I was back in the same place I was before I got saved only now a different person. Even though I came to Jesus on my own, I prayed for company in my journey and somehow someway God brought over 10 new women into my life who were on a similar journey. We would then go on to intensify in our wonder journey… witnessing miracles, people being healed from cancer, people having prophetic revelations. I started to notice my gift of prophecy and the ability to call things out of people. We would gather, invite people sometimes in the 40s, and the miraculous would happen. People would surrender their lives to Jesus!

We would worship for hours and hours on end so hungry for more of God and he poured into us like never before. We had preachers and prophets coming to us and speaking life into us. It was and honestly still is amazing!

That was two years ago, and now as I write this my relationship with God has really matured and stabilised. The question I really had to think about to write this was who is Jesus to me? Well it is really simple for me, it is and has always been about love undeserved and the sacrifice he made for me freedom. When I think about that I am so grateful. Have I made mistakes? YES! Will I still make many mistakes ahead? Absolutely! But nothing can separate me from that love. This is really what keeps me going. I have faced a lot of criticism for wearing my faith on my sleeves but it is all part of sharing in the suffering of Jesus. Going on this journey of faith has brought me the best of friends, the happiest and saddest of memories and a life so full of hope I never had before then. I feel blessed to have gotten saved at 19. It truly changed my life.

For you reading this, my simple prayer is that you get a personal revelation of who Jesus is. I never believed in Him before even though ‘Christians’ surrounded me. It was not until I had my own personal encounter that it made sense.

#NoteFromSteph: We don’t share these stories just for sharing sake but we share them to show what life before and after Christ is like for many people all over. If this story or any other stories you’ve read on The COMING-TO-CHRIST Stories Project has inspired and encouraged you to give this God-life a chance, please feel free to contact us here and we’d be more than happy [and feel exceptionally honoured] to be the ones to hold your hand as you make a decision to give your life and heart to Jesus Christ in exchange for REAL LOVE, REAL PEACE and REAL JOY! If you’re still on the fence, that’s okay too! Comment or private message us with your quessies/concerns because they are all valid.

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