The Real Meaning Of Christmas. [Video Post]


I’ve been thinking a lot about how Christmas has become such a secular celebration that it is so easy to forget the one true reason Christmas exists in the first place: The Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I see people getting stressed, running around buying gifts, sorting out cards and really absorbed in the consumerism of it all, so much so that,are you ready for Christmas? is code forhave you done all your shopping?

Yes, holiday season is upon us but this is just not your average holiday as much as it should be your time to reflect on who Jesus Christ is for the world: Hope, Peace and Joy.

Thanks to our adorable angels of the Worship Tabernacle Children’s Church, we get a key reminder of what the real meaning of Christmas is from the most perfect rendition of Joe Pace’s song: The Real Meaning of Christmas. Enjoy!

Get lyrics here.

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