“LET’S TALK” Thursday: When Submission Can Be Difficult For A Godly Woman [VIDEO BLOG]

I was inspired to do this video from my own personal experience in relationships. I have never really struggled with the idea of submission because I understand its power in God-ordained relationships.

However, I have noted that in different relationships, submission was harder in some more than others. Given that in these relationships I was fairly mature and understood quite a few basics of God’s word, I reflected on the difficult scenarios and the ensuing reasons are what I share in this week’s “Let’s Talk” video.

I would love to know your inputs so be sure to comment and give your take.

CAVEAT: This video is NOT aimed at married women but women who are in relationships potentially leading to marriage but find submission difficult despite their best efforts. This video is also aimed at Christian godly women who seek to live life God’s way as far as possible.



xoxo[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFoEtbbGzFk[/embedyt]

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