Your Sin Doesn’t Cause God To Disqualify You.

On Saturday, I indulged myself in an act that I knew very much to be sin both by inner knowledge and factual knowledge in light of the Bible.

My walk with Jesus has over time helped me know that whenever I do fall under the weight of sin, it is by no means the end of my fellowship or relationship with Him. I also know that whenever I do succumb to sin, it shows me that I need God to help me perfect this walk that He has put me on by virtue of His call on my life to be a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ.

So based on this knowledge, I repented once my conviction hit and carried on.

Later in the day, I started to feel a bit funny and almost downcast because I remembered that I was to lead the prayer team at church the next day (Sunday) and I kinda felt worried that maybe my sin won’t let me hear God clearly on the prayer points. So I slept on it.

On my way to church, I asked the Holy Spirit to please just pray through me because in and of myself, I really wasn’t worthy.

In summary, I got to church and led the team and all as fine but even more rewarding for me was seeing the synchronicity of the Holy Spirit move during the Pastor’s sermon because Pastor used the same verses and incorporated the exact prayer point themes as what I had brought to the prayer team.

And it was at that moment in church, I felt the Holy Spirit minister to me, “God does not disqualify you ’cause of your sin“. This moment was everything to me because it was like a silent victory dance between myself and God. Romans 8:33 felt even more real to me: Who dares accuse us whom God has chosen for his own? No one—for God himself has given us right standing with himself.” (NLT)

Don’t let the enemy confuse you into thinking your slip-ups change how God wants to use you. Don’t let the enemy whisper lies that you don’t measure up to be of use to God and His Kingdom purposes. It was never up to you but it was always up to God who called you and justified you (Romans 8:30).

Sin has no dominion over you who has accepted the sacrifice of Jesus as an offering for your sin (Romans 8:3) so when next you fall and commit sin, repent before God and He will restore you to His glory and remind you of who you truly are.




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