My Start-Up Journey #4 – Risking Rejection, Broken WiFi and Self-Care

What’s happening right now?

It’s Tuesday 30th May 2017 and I’m sat in Starbucks because the wifi at home isn’t working and I’ve killed my phone data by hot-spotting. I’m responding to emails and getting ready for the first of many What Next, Coach? Think-Shops titled “How Can I Achieve More Fulfilment In My Work Life?”. The take-up has been super surprising and I’m pleased about this. I also got good news about one of my targets for corporate work. So good vibes all around.


Accomplishments, Victories, Lessons

In the last week, I’ve really stretched myself in promoting the coaching Think-Shops. At some point, I felt too exposed and wondered “what if enough people don’t sign up?” – who wants look like a failure, right? But I learnt that if you put yourself out there and are genuine abut what you offer and how you can be of value, people are drawn towards that.

Over the weekend, while I was in class (I’ve got an exam in July), I was speaking to one of the ladies on my table about the workshops and she gave me the plug for the corporate client I mentioned above. See what I mean about putting yourself out there? You never know who’s in the room.

On Thursday afternoon, my home wifi crashed. What am I without irokoTV? The Sky engineer was meant to come and check it out on Friday evening but cancelled and rescheduled for Monday morning. Turns out it’s something wrong with the phone wires so BT has to solve the issue. So I’m without internet at home until at least Thursday 🤦🏻‍♀️. But you know what? God works in mysterious ways because this lack of wifi takes me out of the flat and as a result, I’ve been meeting people who are crucial to the next phase of business and personal growth that I’ve literally been praying for. I’m still in awe of the fact that indeed, all things are working for my good as a child of God.

On Sunday, I read a book from start to finish after church and I didn’t do any work (thanks to no wifi, to be fair). I also had an awesome nap which is odd for me. It meant I was up till 4am on Monday but I got much needed prayer time and communion with God which had been dropping in the couple of weeks. Thank God for flexibility.


What am I learning right now?

I’m learning that you really can’t take a lot of things personally. With every ignored email or plea for help in the last couple of weeks, it’s been hard not to feel as though people have a personal vendetta against me. I have to remain light otherwise I could miss a blessing or opportunity just around the corner.

I’m also learning the importance of staying true to your original vision for your business. If I changed my business model to please everybody who didn’t agree with my methods, I’d never reach those who I intended to help through my business.


What’s challenging me?

  • Not having an appropriate mentor – the coaching industry right now is years behind my vision and how I want to scale my business so I struggle to really find those who’ve done what I’m trying to do in any capacity.
  • Being a one-man band, for sure. I do a lot and I must pat myself on the back BUT maintaining balance and self-care remains a challenge for this reason.


What 3 questions do I need answers to?

  • How can I effectively adapt my business model for the Nigerian audience?
  • How can I convince people to join me in  making my vision a reality?
  • How I can continue to add value to the #WhatNext community?


If I knew the answers to those three questions, what would those answers be?

  • I need to, first of all, understand the basic life and career needs of young professionals in Nigeria – particularly those who graduated from Nigerian universities. I think I’ll create a group for this and invite interested parties to join the conversation. If interested, send me an email on
  • I honestly think I just need to ask more people who display similar interest. The best they can say is YES.
  • The Think-Shops (see above) is my first experiment. The feedback from this will let me know what people like, want more or less of. I also put out a lot of content on various social media (Facebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn) and get a fair level of interaction. We’ll see…


What strengths am I developing or using right now?

My strength in building rapport have been working overtime which is crucial in the coaching business. If I can’t build rapport, I won’t get a client.

My basic design skills have served me very well as I created all the graphics for Think-Shops, Life and Career coaching programmes and everything to do with my business in general. Sometimes, it doesn’t occur to me that I know how to do quite a lot but I guess I do. Fun fact: I’ve never paid anyone to design a website for me.

My sales and marketing skills are definitely on the rise. I’m much more comfortable asking for business because I know what I’m offering and I’m learning how to communicate in a language that the targeted demographic will understand and be drawn to. I think I’m close to nailing this very well on Linkedin 🙂




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